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Kelsteo Kel
India, Karnataka, Bangalore, 560078
Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 6:54:40 AM GMT

Twinapps is an Integrated Digital Marketing Company based in Bangalore, growing into Technological Marketing. We at Twinapps are always thinking ahead to achieve 3I's: Innovating, Implementing and Improving new digital marketing technologies & strategies.

If your promotions could reach thousands of people, apart from your regular customers.

If your brand name pops up in a customer\92s head as soon as they think of a product.

If you knew the exact ROI for your Digital Marketing spend.

If you could build positive attraction with large numbers of people using a single Digital Marketing platform.

If you knew all about your consumers, their preferences, their demographics.

If you could statistically pin-point what worked in a successful marketing campaign.

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