API Endpoint

The Worldwideadverts API provides programmatic access to read Worldwideadverts data. Retrieve an ads, create an ads, filter them, etc.

create ads

# Here is a curl example
curl \
-F 'title=Test title' \
-F 'description=Test description' \
-F 'type=international'

To create ads you need to make a POST call to the following url :

Result example :

    "category_id": "38",
    "title": "Test title",
    "description": "Test description",
    "type": "international",
    "location_id": "286",
    "currency_id": "1",
    "customer_id": 110,
    "package_id": 1,
    "slug": "test-title-nq955ohm6m1cd",
    "price": 0,
    "created_at": {
        "expression": "NOW()",
        "params": []
    "updated_at": {
        "expression": "NOW()",
        "params": []
    "promo_expire_at": {
        "expression": "NOW()",
        "params": []
    "listing_id": 1147


Field Type Description
title String (required) A title from ads
description String (required) A description from ads
type String (required) An options by type:
package_id Integer (required) An options by package:
1: free
3: paid advert
4: fatured advert
5: paid advert
images[] File image Multiple file images


The Worldwideadverts API uses the following error codes:

Error Code Meaning
500 Some parameters are missing. This error appears when you don't pass every mandatory parameters.
404 Unknown or invalid attributes. This error appears if you use an unknown parameter attributes.