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We help early-stage companies design, build and launch successful products faster and with less risk. We are a boutique product development studio based in the heart of the UK. Over the last 12 years, we've helped early-stage companies launch 100's of successful products to market.

About the company and role

At nuom, product development is an extremely collaborative effort. Each project is given a small cross-functional team to collaborate closely with our clients and stakeholders to deliver high-quality digital products. You'll be joining a small, close-knit company who help early-stage startups realise their vision and deliver MVP's to market.

As part of the Engineering team, you will help building and maintaining apps mainly focused in the medical sector.

For this role, knowledge of Kotlin, Java, git and working within a team is paramount (agile).


- Implement designs, develop and maintain legacy apps.

- Assist project managers with scoping and estimating.

- Communicate daily via stand-ups and Slack.


Remote (UK & Europe)

If remotely, you will need a place to work with minimal interruptions, and a reliable internet connection.

Necessary skills


We use reactive programming

Database management

Depending on the project you will use Realm, Room or Firebase/Firestore.

Git familiarity

We use **Bitbucket** for version control, Jira for the ticketing system, and on some projects, App Center for CI/CD.

Strong time management skills

You will be given tasks to carry during a specific sprint, week or day. Other than that, you’re in charge of your work, getting it done, and communicating challenges that come up so the team can help.

Attention to detail

As a remote team, we communicate a lot in writing. You’ll need to read carefully! We also value quality assurance, and our engineering team takes responsibility for reviewing and testing their own work.

Clear written and verbal communication

You’ll be writing a lot: status updates, questions, analyses, requirements, code documentation, and more. As well as participating in meetings with clients to provide development updates.

Agile development

We are following the agile methodology with 2 week-long sprints.

Experience working on a team of developers

It can be tough to go from freelancing/solo work to a team where standardization and communication are a higher priority. If you’ve done it before, the transition will probably be easier for you.

Application & hiring process

1. Apply

What to include in your application

- Your CV

- LinkedIn profile (optional)

- Any other application requirements (code, questions etc)

How to apply

Email the above information to []( and, if you seem like a good fit, we'll be in touch to arrange the next steps.

2. Video interview

We’ll talk with you on a video call first, to get to know each other a bit better.

3. Take-home exercise

To get a feel for your code and communication skills, we’ll give you a a take-home project to complete on your own time, encompassing some of the technologies that you will encounter.

4. Final Interview

Final interview either in nuom's office or by video where you will present the results of your exercises.