Wednesday, September 6, 2023 at 1:47:04 AM Coordinated Universal Time
United States, Michigan, Auburn Hills


10,001+ employees · Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics Manufacturing

About the job

Expected Tasks/Responsibilities

  • Maintain assigned android application(s).
  • Elicit, analyze and baseline requirements per internal/external customer interfaces.
  • Create engineering design documentation per requirements.
  • Estimate, plan and track assigned work against expected due dates.
  • Develop features per internal/external customer requests; in context to the assigned android application(s), including UI/GUI.
  • Integrate 3rd party apps, libraries, and services to Alpine Android application(s).
  • Develop Android new framework components/services or extend existing Alps Alpine developed Alpine SDK.
  • Develop unit and integration tests, monitor code metrics, and take corrective technical actions as needed.
  • Utilize automated test tools in build environments, benches, and vehicles to verify functionality.
  • Prototype proof of concepts without robust documented requirements.
  • Support testing team in improving test cases and resolving failed test cases.
  • Support configuration management and release engineers as needed with resolving issues.
  • Root cause defects, implement solutions, and provide a technical explanation if required to internal/external customers.
  • Maintain and or reduce technical debt in inherited software components.
  • Conduct Software technical feasibility studies and create documentation summarizing output including technical tradeoffs.
  • Implement and follow software development best practices.
  • Use SDLC toolchain for day-to-day development activities (code commits and review via git/gerrit, Android Studio and gradle for application development and build, Redmine for task tracking, Jama connect for requirements documentation, Ubuntu build machine for AOSP builds when required, VISO like software for software design diagrams)
  • Participate in SEPG activities including design reviews.
  • Contribute to existing technical documentation and maintain as needed.
  • Collaborate on cross-functional root-causing workshops with 3rd party vendors and customers.
  • An occasional visit to the customer site to troubleshoot high-profile issues.

Minimum Skills And Experience

  • 7 years of native android application development.
  • Experience developing android services using Java.
  • Understand C++ source code.

Preferred Skills And Experience

  • Experience developing Android applications for smart devices (wearables, TV, etc)
  • Experience using Bluetooth stack, Ethernet stack, UDS, and CAN bus.
  • Integrate 3rd party/open-source software packages to Android system builds maintained by Alps Alpine.
  • Cross-platform application/service porting experience. (Linux to Android)