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BORROWDALE DENTAL SURGERY accepts patients for all aspects of dentistry including ORTHODONTICS, implants and TOOTH WHITENING. It utilizes an INTEGRATED clinician team approach to patient care, maximizing on patient comfort and convenience. Its philosophy is centered on continuing dental care with strong emphasis on regular and periodic dental checkups or short re-call appointments for surveillance to eliminate or minimize preventable dental pain and tooth loss. TREATMENT is BY APPOINTMENT (except in emergency). It is located in the western suburbs of Borrowdale, within SAM LEVY's VILLAGE-an ultra-modern shopping complex with serene coffee shops, restaurants and grocery supermarkets. VALUES & BELIEFS: A smile says a thousand words, Quality as a way of life, Service to human kind through Dental care. A smile is worth a thousand words. It speaks volume about a person and we are always happy to bring a smile on your face. MISSION STATEMENT "Our purpose, as a dental team, is to provide the best quality dental care to our patients, our family and our friends. With caring and understanding, we strive to deliver this treatment as gently as possible. We want to help our patients achieve excellent oral health, with the goal of a lifetime of smiles. OUR PHILOSOPHY We try by all means to live up to our NAME. We realize that your time is very important, especially in today's busy society. While we accept many medical aids (and sometimes a shortfall can be expected on some procedures) we continue to offer individualized dental care, focusing on the needs of individuals rather than on the requirements of the medical aid society. This allows us the time to listen to your questions, rather than rushing you through an appointment. If you have additional questions at the end of a procedure, we encourage you to ask them. We try to be a "user friendly" dental surgery, in spite of the hustle and bustle of modern technology that seems to speed everything into the fast forward mode.

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11-50 employees
Orthodontics, Child dentistry/Paedodontics, Root canal treatments, Crown and Bridge, Scale and Polish, Wisdom tooth Disimpaction, Teeth Whitening, Dental fillings, and Cosmetic Dentistry