Tuesday, January 31, 2023 at 3:04:53 AM Coordinated Universal Time
Zimbabwe, Harare, Harare


Declining economic conditions and the rising costs of living have eroded the healthcare system in Zimbabwe. Imagine an institution that can go almost anywhere in Zimbabwe, a facility designed to relocate to where its needed most. A hospital on a train stitching far-flung areas together, bringing hope, dignity & free healthcare to the most vulnerable communities. Butjilo /bu: chi~lo:/ a noun in the tjiKalanga language, which means ‘Good Health or Wellbeing’. Bethu /be: tu:/ is the possessive pronoun, ‘Ours’, in the isiXhosa and isiNdebele languages spoken in Zimbabwe. When combined, a name truly unique to our cause unfolds, “ButjiloBethu”. ButjiloBethu ~ (hutano hwedu) ~ means ‘Our Good Health’. It also refers to ‘Our Wellbeing’. The drive behind ButjiloBethu, speaks of a restless quest to bring good healthcare to all in Zimbabwe - one patient, one family and one community at a time.

Hospitals and Health Care
Company size
11-50 employees