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Decision Inc. is a global leader in information-driven transformation with a core focus on data, digital and performance intelligence. Our role in supporting change is what sets Decision Inc. apart. Helping clients use technology platforms to redesign their modern workplace and put data-driven decision making at the heart of the operating model. Decision Inc. plays a crucial role in the implementation of business intelligence platforms so that decision-makers can solve business problems faster and more accurately than ever before. Organisations which have adopted the technology early have seen significant competitive advantages. From pixel perfect financial reporting to highly visual dashboards, Decision Inc. engages with you to build, implement and support robust business intelligence platforms that deliver timely information. We use powerful insights to create business solutions to critical business problems, optimising business processes by closing the gap between business and IT. We create detailed, drag and drop reporting for easy your access to data. We build dashboards that enable our clients to interact with their data, derive insights and answer their questions. We have created platforms that give our clients access to information anywhere at any time. Decision Inc. offers an off-line capability that allows you to constantly engage with your data. We enable all users, from business analysts to executives and decision-makers, to create their queries, reports and data visualisations through self-service business intelligent models that connect to multiple data sources, even though they might not have a background in analytics.

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Data and Analytics, Digital Transformation, Business Intelligence, Data Management, Advanced Analytics, Forecasting, Geo Analytics, Information Landscape Audit, and Working Capital