Tuesday, January 31, 2023 at 3:06:50 AM Coordinated Universal Time
Zimbabwe, Harare, Harare


Data Science Zimbabwe is a platform for involving all those interested in the fields of data science, machine learning and AI and other computational technologies and charting a path that will increase the capacity to keep up with global advances in technology. We believe that the issues we face can be solved, sustainably, by applying uniquely homegrown ideas, learning from international best practices keeping, as our priority, our people and our environment. Our main objectives are: 1) improve the capacity of Zimbabweans in the fields mentioned through relevant educational and skills development programs. 2) increase research outputs by collaborating with academic, public and private entities in the fields mentioned. 3) advocate for enabling public policies which allow incentivized growth in those fileds for individuals and organizations. This we aim to achieve by keeping up the discourse within the technology, academia and entrepreneurship communities of Zimbabwe and engaging for and building lasting partnerships with organizations that are looking to place Zimbabwe on the map for solutions provision to complex issues arising in our spaces. We hold meetups regularly as well as are involved conferences in line with the fields of focus. We seek to strengthen Zimbabwean collaboration and sharing of ideas for greater outcomes.

IT Services and IT Consulting
Company size
2-10 employees
Includes members with current employer listed as Data Science Zimbabwe, including part-time roles.
Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Education, and Artificial Intelligence