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Businesses today are adopting the cloud for improved services to their customers. Our purpose is to guide companies on that journey to drive the adoption of DevSecOps so that our clients can remain ahead of the curve. We have an intense focus on engineering fundamentals, whether Developer and Security Operations, Cloud Native Transformation Strategy or Software Engineering & Architecture. This focus allows us to plan and build a solid foundation for companies, resulting in simplified workflows, stronger systems and true future-proofing. Our services help companies avoid costly mistakes to benefit from scalable, performant, and reliable systems that lie at the end of a cloud-native transformation. We have successfully helped many multinational businesses make their journey to the cloud. These companies now have easy access to their data from anywhere in the world, with security second to none. We offer a range of services but specialize in the following areas: Developer and Security Operations Cloud-Native Transformation Strategy Software Engineering and Architecture Data Engineering and Analytics Observability How We Do It We are a professional team of Software & Cloud-Native Architects, Site Reliability Engineers (SRE’s) & Software Security Experts from across Africa. We build innovative, complex, and scalable cloud-native software solutions with developer and security operations best practices at its core. Our team (Martians) is certified and expertly experienced across Google, AWS and Azure and have successfully helped many multinational businesses make their journey to the cloud. To stay ahead, we ensure we are at the cutting edge of cloud technologies so that we can offer global best practices that are designed to last. With this same energy, we strive to create an innovative, flexible and supportive remote-first working environment where Martians can perform at their best and maintain an effective work-life balance.

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IT Services and IT Consulting
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51-200 employees
Evaluation, Assessments, POC's, Adopting New Tech, Testing, GKE Booster, AKS Booster, EKS Booster, LinkerD, CI/CD, Calico, Log Aggregation, APM, Alerting, Strong Project Governance, Cloud Native Transformation, Developer Operations, Security Operations, Observability, Software Engineering and Architecture, Microservice Evaluation, Progressive Web Applications, Cloud Native Architecture, Data Engineering and Analytics, Data Warehousing, Data Analytics and Reporting, and Machine Learning