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What’s with the name “Disruptive IT”? Disruptive IT is a 100% black female owned and managed company. Disruption is a new age way of thinking, shaking up and changing the norm around IT. Our founding members have 15 years of IT and Finance experience; we utilise our extensive experience to empower our clients with a disruptive and cost effective approach. Vision: How are we going to Disrupt the future? We believe that we can “Disrupt” the norm, to enable a business advantage for our customers, in this era of digital revolution, organisations need to build new business models based on digital opportunities. Today’s enterprises have a range of IT solutions at their disposal to proliferate operational efficiency and produce exceptional business capabilities. Unfortunately, most of these solutions work in silos (as do the people), and don’t have the much-required agility to realign operations quickly as per business requirement to meet the demands of their customers. As a result, organisations miss the most profitable business opportunities and fail to deliver expected customer satisfaction and user experience. However, cleaning the vision of customers, we can help our customers to thrive in the new digitalised world with new and strengthened market impact, a better cost position, more insight and a competitive advantage provided by new technology and a simplistic, proven methodology. What’s our Disruptive Mission? In today’s complex world, our aim is to empower every individual & organisation to adapt to our ever-changing environment. One of our ways in achieving this is by providing you with a creative but disruptive perspective on every day issues. We believe that’s it’s just not about innovation, but rather a futuristic way of revolutionsation led by our methodology of DISRUPTION.

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IT Services and IT Consulting
Company size
51-200 employees
End User Computing , Hardware and Software Sales, Cloud Computing, Special Projects, Supply of resources, Cloud Computing , Server and network infrastructure management, VOIP Solutions, and Backup power solutions