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ABOUT US: We can't tell the future… but we can help you prepare for it. Ethnic Technologies was created as a niche consulting division within the Universe Group of companies, and caters to the unique IT needs of architects, project managers and electrical consulting engineers. We have a revolutionary approach in both the construction and IT industries. Until now, many people relied solely on the expertise of a product seller for complex IT installations, and where more than one installation was needed, often the technology, the communication and the project objectives became confusing. OUR STRENGTHS: Independence: We are independent from any other IT provider and can offer clients the 'best solution'​, which is always tailor-made to that particular client's needs, expectations, and budget. On the client's & professional’s side: We are a company with strong and credible ties to the majority of IT providers who respect our experience and understand that we stand for the client and the professionals on a Project Team. End-to-end offering: We cover everything including consulting, price negotiations design, development, implementation, training skills, procedural skills, onsite personnel if required (off-payroll) and management of operational S.L.A's (Service Level Agreements). Best-of-breed offering: We have the knowledge that certain aspects of IT requires fairly specialised consulting skills e.g. Risk Management (CCTV, Fire Evacuation etc.), Audio Visual (e.g. Acoustics), Data Security (fire-walling and intrusion detection & prevention), WAN (Wide Area Network), Internet, Intranet, Electronic, Wired and Wireless Communication (e-mail). Furthermore, we bring a collection of the best consultants to the table. Product & Vendor knowledge: In ALL categories of IT applications, we have a detailed knowledge and understanding of the solutions, the products, and their associated features (strengths and shortcomings).

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IT Services and IT Consulting
Company size
201-500 employees
Computer network and architecture design, CCTV and security systems, Computer room, server room and data centre design architect & specialist, Electronics cabling systems design architect & specialist – ethernet, RF, Coax, fibre optic, BMS (Building Management Systems)/maintenance, Access control incorporating technologies such as “smart card” & “biometric systems”, Television environment incl. VOD (video-on-demand) and interactive television facilities (e-mail, internet, electronic media), Bar coding solutions (Generic and Specialised), TMS (Telephone Management Systems), Hospitality applications - PMS, TMS, ETC – specifically for the design of hotel sites, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems and call centre design specialist, Wireway (conduit etc.) design and cabling reticulation design for all the above technologies, and VOIP (Voice over IP) strategies & systems design