Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at 9:07:25 AM Coordinated Universal Time
India, Rajasthan, Udaipur

ExecLibrary is a research and technology driven executive intelligence platform. Currently at stealth mode, we connect the dots and inform key decision makers on recent and historical executive moves across sectors, geographies, functions etc. The platform offers a dashboard that provides analysis and insights regarding changes at a senior executive level globally and the changes associated with the move. The ExecLibrary Mobile Application aggregates executive information and creates a brief executive profile. Users can submit a Name, Job Title & Company Name and get a detailed executive profile. Cut & Paste executive names from blogs, social media, news articles, conference speaker lists etc. onto the mobile app and get profiles created. ExecLibrary scours million’s of public sources and captures key information for executives and companies! Sign up on the ExecLibrary platform to explore: Commentary - Who is saying what regarding an event Executive Profiles - Current executives in the company Reporting Lines - Who reports to whom Interesting Bites - Key developments and events in a company ExecLibrary Profiles are "Aggregated by Technology & Curated by Humans". ExecLibrary will be an effective platform for global executive recruiters, management and human capital consultants, investment professionals ,sales and marketing teams of high growth companies and key decision makers of global companies. More details to follow shortly!!

IT Services and IT Consulting
Company size
51-200 employees
32 on LinkedIn Includes members with current employer listed as ExecLibrary, including part-time roles.
Udaipur, Rajasthan
Industry Research