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Founded in 2016 by industry experts Fanset International offers a wide range of IoT services spanning Usage Based Insurance, Vehicle Fuel Monitoring, Fuel Management, Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management, Vehicle Video Telematics, Field Workforce management, Agricultural Technology and Mobility Solutions. Fuel Monitoring - between 40-60% of the cost of logistics is fuel and up-to 30% is lost to fuel theft/siphoning and poor route optimization. With Fanset you are able to know the amount of fuel filled in and get notifications if fuel is stolen from vehicles. Vehicle tracking - With seamless roaming capabilities across Africa and critical focus on SADC region, Fanset offers the best vehicle vehicle tracking solutions. Driver behavior monitoring and, geofencing, route planning our partners get cutting edge partner for growth. Video Telematics - Pioneered by Fanset in Zimbabwe and Zambia, this offers transporters of and shippers realtime video feed in 1080p HD quality. This allows our users to monitor, control and secure their loads.

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Vehicle Tracking, Fuel Monitoring, Fuel Management, Fleet Management, Logistics Information Systems, Farm Monitoring, Driver behavior monitoring, Driver identification, IOT, Cross boarder Transport monitoring, Connected Vehicles, Connected Cars, Mobility Solutions, and Usage Based Insurance