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Global Kinetic is a premium software engineering business with experience and expertise in Enterprise-Grade software engineering and digital transformation projects. Trusted across multiple industries globally, and with deep expertise in Banking and FinTech, Global Kinetic has delivered unique and innovative solutions to complex software problems for nearly 20 years. It's easy to make an app or a piece of software, if you have money it can be done. But what if you could make something that people really wanted, something people needed, something that really makes a difference in their lives? At Global Kinetic, we have dreams and values to create products that really resonate with your target audience. Working either on stand-alone projects, or with your development team, our goal is to ensure that you get the best possible quality and delivery for your money, and to seamlessly integrate with your processes and people for a good all-round experience. We are experts in developing enterprise cloud based solutions. We are also experts in .NET, Java and multiple front end and mobile technologies. We have extensive experience in SCRUM and Agile, DevOps, near-zero defect software delivery, QA Automation, Digital Transformation.

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IT Services and IT Consulting
Company size
51-200 employees
Enterprise Cloud Based Solutions, Mobile Application Development, SCRUM & Agile Methodologies, Software Quality Assurance, Risk Mitigation, Test Automation, Mobile and UX Design, DevOps, Digital Transformation, Unity, Best Software Development Processes, Solution Architect, Enterprise software engineering, Fintech, Banking, Enterprise software, and Managed Software Delivery