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KATHIAWAR: The vibrations and magnetism of this mysterious land of Kathiawar bestow a unique character and personality, not only to the place but also to its people. Every tree, stone, ridge, hillock, and path, and every brick remaining is a storehouse of legends and myths. Though a bit exaggerated – bards have been recorded singing ballads about the stories of courage, kindness, justice, and generosity of our kings and princes. They form the golden chapters of the history of our princely states. KHIRASARA PALACE: legends and myths – The Khirasara Palace has a unique geography and an incomparable history of more than 450 years to unveil. This majestic palace stands a few miles away on the west of Rajkot city. Towering 150 feet above the Khirasara village, it stands imposing, majestic, and undefeated. PREDECESSORS: Historians have recorded three phases of the Khirasara State Thakore Bhimaji gained Khirasara Thakore Ranmalji added Khirasara as the glory of Saurashtra Shree Sursinhji educated the people of Khirasara The Khirasara Palace has a mysterious but legendary and true story to be narrated. THAKORE BHIMAJI: The Taluka, a Seventh Class State, is an offshoot of the Dhrol State. The ruler, Shree Kaloji of Dhrol had seven sons of whom Sangoji was the eldest, Bhimaji the second, and Junoji the third. On Kaloji’s death, Sangoji succeeded the ‘Gaadi’ (throne) of Dhrol, the other brothers (Bhimaji and Junoji) being provided with suitable appendages. Sangoji died while fighting from Nawanagar State with a Mohammedan army. The succession accordingly devolved on Bhimaji but he abdicated in favor of his younger brother Junoji, himself remaining content with his adored appendage of the Khirasara Castle and 12 other villages. At that time Khirasara was a small castle. THAKORE RANMALJI: It is recorded that Khirasara Palace was built by Thakore Ranmalji, an illustrious and mighty descendent of Thakore Bhimaji, during the Ghori Empire. Thakore Ranmalji.

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