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Core Purpose Kirby Browne's purpose is to build and invest in internet based businesses with recurring income models and long-term interconnectedness and symbiosis. Core Principles Radical truth and integrity Staying true to purpose (Suivez le raison) Facing the brutal truths while believing in the long-term mission Doing what is right (as opposed to what is easy) Radical transparency Retaining the right people, be it employees or clients, through radical transparency (Getting and keeping the right people on the bus. Getting the wrong people off the bus quickly). Commitment to building principles and following them for all areas of company operations. These principles can be used a basis from which to deal with any situation (Decision matrix development - how to deal with another one of those). Developing a true idea meritocracy All opinions are given credence and will be heard Lead with questions not answers Engage in dialogue and debate, not coercion Conduct autopsies without blame A mindset of locking in value from the start All projects are based on the principle of profit first. Only engage in activities that will keep the company's profits healthy and always make decisions from a viewpoint of: is this growth for the sake of profit (as opposed to growth for the sake of growth or the look of it). Putting profit first is not inherently bad so long as it is based upon these core principles. The more profit we make will allow us more options to reward employees and offer the best service while making the impact we want to make. Sustainability Adding value to community through sponsorship of online portals which serve a need to engender community action, spirit and help. Bearing in mind the well being of all stakeholders and engaging in no practice that does not benefit all whom it concerns or breaks the primary principle of radical truth and integrity. Treating employees fairly and giving them a voice within the framework of radical truth and transparency.

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