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Lancet Clinical Laboratories is one of the leading pathology laboratories operating 23 branches throughout Zimbabwe, providing vital pathology services. Reputable for professionalism, innovation, high technology advancement, high quality pathology services and accredited to ISO15189:2012 with SADCAS (MED082) Blakiston Street; Cytology, Histology, Haematology, Microbiology, Serology, Chemistry, Endocrinology and HIV PCR. Our long standing history started in 1988 as Lab Services which later became Lancet Clinical Laboratories, one of the few original private laboratories operating in Zimbabwe. In 2010, Clinical Laboratories merged with Lancet Laboratories South Africa and became a member of Lancet Group of Laboratories, consolidating pathology services. Lancet South Africa has been in business for 60 years, with more than 100 reference laboratories, over 250 branch offices in various parts of Africa and more than 80 pathologists specializing in different aspects of pathology. More recently Lancet Clinical Laboratories has become part of Cerba Lancet Africa. A partnership between the Lancet Group of Laboratories and Cerba Healthcare, a French company with the largest scope of clinical pathology tests in Europe, 50 years of experience in clinical pathology and International coverage in all 5 continents. Cerba Lancet Africa continues to grow and develop, with a special focus on bringing cutting edge pathology services to the continent. A leading force in local clinical pathology in 16 African countries. In Zimbabwe, Lancet Clinical Laboratories controls a strong market position. Lancet Clinical Laboratories is a household name in the healthcare industry and the preferred partner of many due to the unrivalled service quality it brings to the industry.

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