Friday, February 24, 2023 at 4:08:50 AM Coordinated Universal Time
India, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, Telangana

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  • 11-50 employees
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    Our small team of engineers and designers have been building our mobile and web apps for the past few months and are at the cusp of our global launch. This imminent launch, however, is only the beginning. To ensure we continue to build, vet and ship features that most empower our users to cook at home with minimal time, effort & skill we are growing our software team, we are looking for talented people who can take ownership accelerate our mobile & web development roadmap.

    If you love good home-cooked food and are excited about building an automated solution for

    the entire cooking process, then this is the place for you!

    About Us:

    At Futuristic Labs, we are set out to solve home cooking and are working towards building a fully automatic kitchen solution. On our journey our shippable intermediaries are:

    • Riku: our flagship product, is a fully automatic, AI-assisted rice and curry maker which brings down the hands on time of cooking at home to 5-10min saving ~700hrs/year.
    • Semi: A smart induction cooktop, your perfect kitchen assistant helping you every step of the way.
    • A digital kitchen mobile app: A single place to manage your kitchen.
    • Recipe platform

    We at Futuristic Labs are working at the intersection of the software, hardware, and food :P.

    Our Webpages:


    You will be:

    • Working on our mobile app, which augments our automatic cooking robot. While the robot takes care of the cooking part, the rest of the cooking experience: planning, prepping, tracking, monitoring & guided cooking is handled by our app.

    • Own entire features, refactor legacy code, keep bugs in check, review pull requests, and continue to improve the app in order to continuously deliver value to our users. You will have the opportunity to shape the engineering culture and practices.

    We are a small team and rapidly growing. You’ll work closely with all departments, including the rest of the engineering team, the CTO, as well as marketing, design, and business development.

    Our current stack:

    - ReactJS

    - React-Native

    - NodeJS, Python

    - AWS, Firebase & Google API’s

    What we think you will need to succeed:

    - Bachelor's or Masters in Computer Science for a related field

    - Experience working with IOT Platforms.

    - Experience integrating IOT Devices via Bluetooth / WIFI to the mobile App.

    - Experience with shipping production level React-Native App(s): A solid portfolio of apps in both Apple and/or Google Play Store.

    - Thorough understanding of ReactJS, React Native and its core Principles.

    - Experience with Redux or similar state management libraries.

    - Experience with automated build systems and test frameworks.

    - Good Knowledge of HTML5, CSS, Javascript.

    - Experience with integrating 3rd party libraries & REST API’s.

    - Experience with Agile / Scrum software development practices.

    - Good knowledge of Android and IOS platforms: Native IDEs, Languages & Low-Level experience, XCode, Android Studio, Swift, Rust, C & C++, Clang & LLVM, Nan & V8 is a plus.

    We prefer to look at your code rather than your degrees, so don't forget to add your GitHub profile and any other links to the projects you have worked on.