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LIVE SAVING TREATMENT AND CARE At Newlands Clinic in Harare, Prof. Ruedi Lüthy and his local team provide treatment and care for about 8,000 people, the majority of patients are women and children. The Newlands Clinic treatment model is specifically geared towards the difficult conditions in southern Africa. Due to the lack of doctors, the nurses play a pivotal role, monitoring the therapy and providing close support to the patients. The nurses are assisted by the clinic’s own software ePOC and receive ongoing training in HIV management. TRAINING CENTRE The need for health professionals who are confident to provide quality care and treatment for people living with HIV is immense. As access to antiretroviral treatment increases and more is known about how to manage opportunistic infections more effectively, health professionals require advanced training to care for people living with HIV and prevent secondary complications such as resistance to the available antiretroviral drugs. Newlands Clinic is working with the University Of Zimbabwe Department of Medicine and the Ministry of Health and Child Care. A National Advanced Clinical HIV Management Course is offered at Newlands Clinic Training Centre. Since September 2013, we have also been offering a course in diagnosing and treating cervical cancer. Newlands Clinic and Newlands Clinic Training Centre are funded by the Swiss charitable foundation Ruedi Lüthy Foundation (formerly Swiss Aids Care International):

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