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Pathology Laboratories (Pathlabs) is a Harare and Mutare based medical and pathology laboratory that provides laboratory testing and services for Healthcare professionals and patients. Our equipment portfolio is varied yet highly specialised and focused. Our experience and expertise allow us to create a leading laboratory testing facility of the highest quality which offers reliable and rapid diagnosis. As much as there is a traditional focus on Communicable Disease in Africa, Pathlabs has realised that a considerable number of deaths are increasingly as a result of Lifestyle Illness such as Diabetes, Obesity and Cancer. To this end, Pathlabs offers a diverse array of Pathology Services using the latest state of the art instrumentation. The following services are offered: STAT and Routine Testing Haematology Clinical Chemistry and Immunology Microbiology and Virology Molecular Histology & Cytology Pathlabs is capable of going beyond the traditional clinical laboratory service offering. We offer hospital and medical centres with the finest level of expertise regarding laboratory operations. This includes the provision of full management services. Pathlabs offers such an intricate array of tests, thus we are able to offer NGOs and Research Students negotiated (all for non-profit testing) subsidised tariffs in HIV monitoring parameters such as CD4 T-Cell profile, EID viral load testing and Blood Cultures. With regard, to logistics, our trained couriers are equipped with proper supplies such as Dry-ice and temperature regulatory transport bags for specimen transportation. As part of our client commitment and patients, we have implemented a Specimen Tracking System to ensure the safety and integrity of every specimen. Pathlabs has a growing number of phlebotomy sites that offer professional and patient focused phlebotomy services. We ensure a minimum average waiting period of less than 10 minutes.

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