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PiLog Master Data Quality Manager PiLog™ has developed sophisticated software solutions to manage master data. The PiLog™ MDQM is an integrated platform for collecting and managing master data that is transferred to a target EAM/CMMS or ERP application for medium to large enterprises. The PiLog™ MDQM application is available under Software as a Service or SaaS license, that can be accessed over the internet or as a locally hosted integrated application. It is an ISO 8000-110:2009 certified software product and proves to meet the international master data quality standard. How The Product Useful To User? Do you want to Cleanse your existing mater data domain/s? Do you want to govern your mater data? Do you want to estimte the spend on your Services ? Do you want to identify the duplicates acros your master data domain? In the SaaS model, the application and data are hosted on a PiLog managed server outside of the client’s data center. In the locally hosted integrated configuration, the application is hosted on the client’s server within its firewall. The PiLog™ MDQM suite is available in two configurations: standard and enterprise. The standard version is limited to a single business unit in one language. The enterprise version is designed to support multiple business units in multiple languages. It also tracks common items across multiple business units using plant extensions. The PiLog™ MDQM suite is functionally divided into three products or modules: Master Data Ontology Manager, Master Data Acquisition Manager and the Master Data Record Manager How Our Product Provides Solution: The total suite of PiLog MDQM software covers an entire solution for buying and commodity selling companies and includes the PiLogTM MDOM (Master Data Ontology Manager), PiLogTM MDRM (Master Data Record Manager) and the PiLogTM MDAM (Master Data Acquisition Manager) for approval and staging of SPIR supplier spare parts and content which caters for all Asset Master data in the SAP plant maintenance Module. An example of the overview of the full PiLog content Solution is depicted in the diagram below.

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