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Who is Register Now? Register Now provides a seamless online registration service for sports events, not only processing the payment on behalf of the event organiser, but giving them full access to their database and awesome insights about their event and events over time. Register Now is not a ticketing provider - we are a sports event registration provider. Sports events are messy. They are chaotic. Athletes are mad, they get pushed to their absolute limit and we all know what that does to a person. We love messy, we love chaos, we love mad - it's what we understand and it's what we do. Register Now is the calm before the storm, the voice of reason, able to deal complicated situations and any number of convoluted requirements - so that event organisers can output data that is clean, simple and rich with insight. Register Now has been providing online registration services to event organisers, clubs, associations, universities and business across Australia since 2003. Now with over 1500 clients, more than 2500 events and 1,000,000 registrations per year - Register Now continues to grow through its high quality and easy to use product, cost effective offering and the best customer service in the industry.

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