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Softrite was set up by Managing Director, Mike Garden, in 1984 with one NCR DM5 computer and a printer in a small office in Newlands, Harare. We started off with a very efficient Debtors package and our first client was Brake & Clutch. Over the next few years we developed all sorts of standard accounting systems and had clients all over Zimbabwe from small enterprises to large quoted companies and many farmers. A few years later, in 1989, we did our first rewrite using the old faithful Cobol Programming language for use on early Personal Computers - first with CP/M and then with the MS-Dos Operating system that Microsoft brought out in the 1980s. Colbro Transport , based then in Masvingo, were the first user of Payrite in that format. This system was called Payrite and over time we took a subset of these programs and marketed them to the Farming Community as Jacana. Payrite is a simple, yet very effective, Payroll Software package that is used by hundreds of independent companies throughout Zimbabwe. It has been designed in such a way that new users can start using the bare necessities with just one hour's operator training. In this day and age people do not want to have to go on a long training course before they use their new Software package.

Software Development
Company size
11-50 employees
payroll, Control Totals Report, and Pay Run