Wednesday, February 1, 2023 at 4:00:47 AM Coordinated Universal Time
Australia, New South Wales, MILLERS POINT


The Database Dept. has been helping companies that sell B2B to win more customers and sell more to existing customers since the mid 1990s. Our Clients include some of the world's biggest companies like Amazon Web Services, Adobe, CA, Citrix, Commvault, Google, Hitachi Data Systems, HP, Juniper Networks, Nissan, Microsoft, NetApp, SAP. We believe that data quality and accuracy are fundamental requirements for success in B2B sales and marketing. So we developed our cloud-based WebOne Integrated Marketing Database to combine customer and prospect data from multiple systems and held in a multiplicity of formats in one central location. This provides a single view all interactions with customers, leads and prospects via multiple marketing and sales communications channels. Accurate data combined with structured communications and marketing methodologies helps our Clients to win more business and cover their markets with fewer resources. Our proprietary Authentic Relationship Management (ARM) Business Platform powers our Relationship Management Tele-Consulting (RMTC) and Senior Sales Support (SSS) services, helping us to build trusted relationships with potential customers on behalf of our clients. Our Digital Authentic Relationship Management (DARM) used digital marketing and social media to "close the loop"​, integrating traditional and digital marketing channels and campaigns into one consistent whole. Together they help our Clients to send a powerful consistent message to the market and to potential customers in target accounts. They also gather, record and accept feedback from the market allowing our clients a macro and micro view of their target accounts. These, along with a structured recruitment approach designed to attract high quality talent and an intensive internal training program have led to the Database Dept. becoming one of Australia’s leading marketing support agencies, with a blue chip client list spanning 13 countries.

IT Services and IT Consulting
Company size
51-200 employees
Sales and Marketing Data as a Service, B2B Relationship Management, B2B Demand and Lead Generation, and Data Management