Thursday, February 2, 2023 at 11:19:37 PM Coordinated Universal Time
Zimbabwe, Harare, Harare


TuraSoft is an IT enabler company in and around Africa. Our Solutions-based areas of excellence are Software Development and Customisation, Project Management, IT Training and Coaching, IT Audit, Rapid Implementations and Monitoring and Evaluation work. With the growing realisation that most companies are spending a lot of money on routine and traditional operations, which do not offer new business ideas, TuraSoft sets out to re-engineer and re-invent most functions in any IT-hungry organisation. This is achievable through the highly projectised structure of the organization, which boasts of about 10, well trained and certified Project Managers and Software Developers. Each Manager/Engineer has an area of specialty, ranging from the NGO world, Government and Private organisations. Consider all your IT related problems solved when you work with us. We stand proven through our working with a number of Blue-chip corporations that solutions in IT are not something out of Mars, rather every situation has a different solution; hardware, software, customized or simply an interface or better still a change in the way some processes are done. We operate on a strict corporate governance policy and each position is independent of the other. Each head of project can operate within their budget and trace their profitability through to the final financial statements. Motivation and special recognition is a culture we, at Turasoft can't afford to part with. --Turasoft Private Limited

IT Services and IT Consulting
Company size
2-10 employees
Project Management, ISP and data line sales, Software Developers, IT Policy Auditing, PM Recruitment Specialists, IT Training and Coaching, Rapid Implementations, and Information Technology Events Hosting