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Artificial Intelligence and IoT have disrupted the eco-systems of various industries by adding a new stream of revenue – data monetization. Urvija AI was founded in 2019 to disrupt this very same disruption – YUNI, our AI platform serves as a data exchange that could solve key challenges clients are facing in partnering with self and other businesses. We work with Telcom, Banking, Consumer Goods, Retail, Insurance, Industrial operations, Healthcare, Education, Satellite and Logistics and transportation. Our platform has a dual benefit – first, we can help provide tools to analyse data to save internal costs and second, monetize the data you collect by sharing their output with third parties. Our 8-layered AI platform generates 10 product families that are consumed by our clients. Internal and external products include - revenue enhancement, scores and indices, campaigns, surveys, existing customer experience, new customer acquisition, recommendation engine, churn management, productivity and business intelligence. What more? Urvija AI can also help with products collaborating on a curve by building a data ecosystem! Insights from the data of our clients in industries can be effectively used to make strategic decisions at your firm more agile. Building a fully integrated cohesive eco-system can improve your profit margins and growth expansions.

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IT Services and IT Consulting
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Artificial Intelligence, Data Monetization, Retail Industry, Telecommunication Industry, Industrials Industry, Banking Industry, Healthcare Industry, Education Industry, Insurance Industry, Logistics and Transportation Industry, Communication Satellites Industry, and Consumer Goods Industry