Thursday, March 2, 2023 at 2:39:49 AM Coordinated Universal Time
Netherlands, Zuid Holland, Rijswijk


Worth helps aspirational companies leverage their technology and talent to create impactful and lasting change. We do this by embedding brilliant product development and software engineering teams within our clients’ businesses. Together we help them develop the ways of working, technical infrastructure and talent needed to deliver great products and services at scale. Our approach: 1. Strategy by delivery 10-year vision strategies aren’t really our thing, we focus on making small changes every day and creating value and learning from the outset. 2. Nimble, expert teams Full stack engineers, DevSecOps experts, delivery leads and designers all dedicated to your success and ready to go from day one. 3. Practitioners and consultants We focus on being practitioners of change - working in the open, getting stuff done and delivering long-lasting results for our clients. 4. Technology as the enabler, not the solution We love tech but we don’t recommend tech for tech’s sake. Instead we focus on finding technology solutions that will solve the pain points of users. 5. Value-driven processes Simply put, if it doesn’t add value we don’t do it. We believe in processes that enable better, faster and more informed decision making. 6. Continuous improvements We operate a ‘learn by doing’ model that builds in continuous feedback to ensure we’re applying the resource where it really matters. 7. Solutions rather than managed services We want our clients to build competence so we help them establish products and ways of working that that you can self-manage in the future. 8. Cross-functional teams Combined expertise leads to better and more innovative products, and delivery models that work at scale. 9. Embedded expertise Upskilling teams, transferring knowledge and offering operational project support are all part of the way we like to work.

IT Services and IT Consulting
Company size
51-200 employees
Software development, Digital delivery, Product development, Digital transformation, Agile product delivery, User experience, DevOps, Cloud strategy, and Service Design