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The Zimbabwe Academy of Dental Nursing is a corporate social responsibility project, operated on a cost recovery basis and meant to improve the professionalism of Dental Surgery Assistants (DSAs), a hitherto neglected “foot soldier” group of the dental care sector in Zimbabwe. It was started by Dr Farayi Moyana and Irene Kuda Moyana (Dentist and dental therapist, respectively). Every dental practice, surgery, clinic or hospital needs a DSA in differing role configurations. All the module writers and presenters of ZADENU offer their resources, skills and time on a voluntary basis. Vision To be a national, regional and international recognized as a leader in the education and training of dental auxiliaries such as dental surgery assistants, nurses and dental hygienists, research, patient care and service. Mission To be known for innovative dental surgery assistance and nursing education, commitment to cultural diversity, discovery, transfer of scientific knowledge, the superior skills of our graduates and the highest degree of patient care and service. The program promotes both students’ clinical and academic excellence to prepare them to become competent dental surgery assistants and nurses. The program collaborates with both private and public dental surgeries to produce successful and proficient dental assistants to meet the needs of the dentist, patient, and the community it serves. In short, the mission of the Zimbabwe Academy of Dental Nursing (ZADENU) is to: -> Promote excellence in teaching and learning ->Increase student access to learning through the use of technology ->Provide hands-on instruction Values These values help the college achieve its vision and mission: Excellence Integrity Collaboration Courtesy Compassion Diversity Professionalism

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