Sunday, February 5, 2023 at 9:38:14 PM Coordinated Universal Time
Zimbabwe, Harare, Harare


Injecta Analytics is a location intelligence company which provides actionable value added geospatial information to drive business decision making. This is made possible through our vast and unique databases of the locations of various points of interest across various industries. This shortens the lag time required by business to gather spatial information for decision making. Given our datasets, we give individuals, companies and organisations the ability to see their business from a uniquely value added perspective. For instance, we are able to assist businesses to know the population around their businesses within specified distances of their choice, the distance which each household has to travel to its business. With this data, businesses can easily compare sites to see which one has the most potential clients, is most accessible, most cost effective, and more central from a logistics and supply chain perspective. Our diverse datasets enable us to perform various kinds of analysis like catchment area analysis, hotspot and cold spot analysis, network analysis, competitor analysis, cannibalisation modelling to mention but a few

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