Tuesday, May 25, 2021 at 2:43:04 AM Coordinated Universal Time
India, Karnataka, Bengaluru

The only thing better than a mobile app, is a custom designed mobile tablet app – and here at Iconic Solutions, we’re experts at creating visually stunning tablet apps. A Little know fact is that Apple actually began work on the iPad before the iPhone. As such, it’s not crippled by the need to support legacy interface paradigms or hardware, like mice and pointers and tiny click targets. Instead it was born from multi touch, and made everything that came before feel old and unwieldy by comparison. From slide to unlock to pinch and zoom, it’s now become a mainstream sensation. With the increased screen size, tablets offer countless more possibilities for creative and customer-friendly applications. When thinking about a design for a tablet app, too often we see individuals just thinking of an iPad as an iPhone – just with a larger screen. This is not correct. The larger iPad screen allows for a lot more innovation and experimentation. If you simply treat it as a bigger smartphone, you won’t be able to fully exploit the size of the tablet. Our team of designers and app developers can assist you will fully maximizing this increased space with powerful features and functionality – specifically designed for tablets. From customer-facing forms to fully interactive study aids – Apple’s iPad and other tablets offer the chance to connect with your users like no other medium.