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Employee engagement has never been more important. Wyzetalk's award-winning platform is a digital employee experience solution that improves the work lives of frontline employees. Working with more than 30 blue-chip clients, on five continents, Wyzetalk engages more than 700 000 frontline workers daily. CONNECTING WITH EMPLOYEES Our 3-channel solution (USSD, mobi and app) enables targeted communications, getting the right message to the right people at the right time. Two-way communication enables employees to give feedback via surveys and ideation, and the solution has a peer-to-peer comms channel, improving morale and engagement. CRISIS COMMUNICATION A real-time crisis communications solution allows organisations to communicate with employees, and vice versa, as a crisis occurs. This enables an immediate response, potentially saving lives, reducing downtime, and a negative impact on the bottom line, LEARNING Wyzetalk's microlearning capabilities provide material that can be accessed and completed anytime, anywhere, and results and progress can be easily tracked. OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY Digitising critical processes, such as electronic payslips, leave applications and schedule management, not only improves the work lives of frontline employees but saves time, money, and is a more sustainable solution. HEALTH & SAFETY A digital solution that keeps frontline employees safe improves productivity, prevents disaster and builds a culture of safety in the workplace by empowering employees to manage their own safety. PRODUCTIVITY Tasks can be issued, tracked and managed via our digital solution. Employees can view and track their productivity against performance targets in the dashboard, and using the rewards and recognition function they can be motivated and incentivised, boosting overall productivity.

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51-200 employees
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